YOURLS comes with handy bookmarklets for easier link shortening and sharing.

Standard or Instant, Simple or Custom

If you want to share a description along with the link you're shortening, simply select text on the page you're viewing before clicking on your bookmarklet link

The Bookmarklets

Click and drag links to your toolbar (or right-click and bookmark it)

  Standard (new page) Instant (popup)
Simple Shorten Instant Shorten
Custom Keyword Custom shorten Instant Custom Shorten

Social Bookmarklets

Create a short URL and share it on social networks, all in one click! Click and drag links to your toolbar (or right-click and bookmark it)

Shorten and share:

YOURLS & Facebook YOURLS & Twitter YOURLS & Tumblr

Note: depending on server settings, bookmarklets might fail on websites with https.


When viewing a page, you can also prefix its full URL: just head to your browser's address bar, add "" to the beginning of the current URL (right before its 'http://' part) and hit enter.

Note: this will probably not work if your web server is running on Windows.

Secure passwordless API call

YOURLS allows API calls the old fashioned way, using username and password parameters. If you're worried about sending your credentials into the wild, you can also make API calls without using your login or your password, using a secret signature token.

Your secret signature token: Cannot generate auth signature: no username (It's a secret. Keep it secret)

This signature token can only be used with the API, not with the admin interface.

See the Passwordless API page on the wiki. See the API documentation for more